Hard Drive Data Recovery (0-1TB-HW-LABHDS)

The drive has a hardware failure / CRC issues and we need to take it to our clean room where we will most probably do an open drive recovery.

This will most likely involve replacing parts, repairing the firmware (ROM/programming) and attempting various other electro-mechanical repairs where needed in order to recover your data.


R6,848.00 for 3 item(s)


  • A non-refundable fee payable up-front will apply to all:
    • Priority and high priority data recoveries.
    • Encrypted drives.
    • Drives that have been opened (physically tampered with) before being sent to us.
    • Hardware related data recoveries (Spares Fee) are to offset the risks and costs involved during the data recovery.
    • Reloaded drives (e.g. Windows was re-installed)


  • All information, data, and equipment handed over or recovered by us will be protected from unauthorized access or disclosure using the same degree of care as we use to protect our own confidential information.:
    • Our staff members are professionals working in a secure environment having signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).
    • All data recovery work is done in-house unless otherwise agreed with yourself in writing.
    • We can also enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) on request.


  • No-recovery, no-charge, no-surprises data guarantee:
    • You will not be invoiced should we for some reason not be able to recover the data, or the data recovered not be in a usable condition. (Excluding the non-refundable fees as above)
    • You will be contacted, prior to us raising an invoice, to confirm the usability of the data recovered should we suspect damage to some of the data.
    • We can re-negotiate a price (less than the quoted amount) should some of the data recovered be of use to you with the option to proceed or not.
    • We will do everything possible to rectify the recovery or refund the recovery charges (or a portion thereof) should we not be able to solve any valid issues with the recovered data.


  • A seven-day from shipment swop-out warranty applies to all destination devices found to be Dead on Arrival (DOA).
  • Any additional warranty claims must be presented to the original manufacturer.
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